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Teacher's Guides

2015 Teacher's Guides

School Term 1

26/01/2015 The Pharaohs Who Built Egypt
02/02/2015 World War II In Colour: Victory in Europe
09/02/2015 The Pharaohs Who Built Egypt: Rameses II
16/02/2015 World War II in Colour: Victory in the Pacific
23/02/2015 The Time Travellers Guide to Elizabethan England
02/03/2015 Atlantis
09/03/2015 Stalin: Inside The Terror
16/03/2015 The Mystery of the Black Death
23/03/2015 Hitler's Women: Leni Riefenstahl
30/03/2015 Caligula

School Term 2

20/04/2015 Egypt: The Search for Tutankhamun
27/04/2015 Cape of Storms: Land of Hope
04/05/2015 History of Warfare: The Greek and Persian Wars
11/05/2015 Cleopatra
18/05/2015 Instruments of Death: The Great War
25/05/2015 Mao's Great Famine
01/06/2015 War Women
08/06/2015 Declassified: The Taliban
15/06/2015 Divine Women: Handmaids of the Gods
22/06/2015 Alexander The Great

School Term 3

13/07/2015 The Soviet Story
20/07/2015 History of Warfare - The Peloponnesian Wars
27/07/2015 Secrets In The Dust: The Etruscans
03/08/2015 Hitler's Henchmen: Speer The Architect
10/08/2015 Rise of the Nazi Party: In Power
17/08/2015 The Armenian Genocide
24/08/2015 Hannibal - The Man, the Myth, the Mystery
31/08/2015 The Last Voices of the Great War
07/09/2015 The Rise of the Nazi Party: Seizing Power
14/09/2015 The Viking World: Long Ship Legacy

School Term 4

05/10/2015 Untold History of the United States: Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam
12/10/2015 Churchill and the Fascist Plot
19/10/2015 The Day Kennedy Died
26/10/2015 The First World War: Episode 7 - Blockade
02/11/2015 The Iraq War: Regime Change
09/11/2015 The Unseen Time Team Specials - Looking Underground
16/11/2015 The Wehrmacht: The Crimes
23/11/2015 Troy
30/11/2015 Lost Kingdoms of South America: Lands of Gold
07/12/2015 Richard III: The Unseen Story
14/12/2015 Egypt's Warrior King

This content is specific to Australian Schools only.

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