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Teacher's Guides

2014 Teacher's Guides

School Term 1

10/02/2014 Pompeii Rebirth of a City
17/02/2014 India The First Civilisation
24/02/2014 Bog Mummies
03/03/2014 The Not So Dark Ages
10/03/2014 East to West: Between Two Rivers
17/03/2014 Secrets of War: Vietnam Ho Chi Minh's Revolution
24/03/2014 The Buddha
31/03/2014 The Nazi Gospels
07/04/2014 Ancient Discoveries

School Term 2

28/04/2014 Winning World War 1: Western Front Diaries
05/05/2014 Rome What Lies Beneath
12/05/2014 Ken Follett's Journey into the Dark Ages
19/05/2014 The Revelation of the Pyramids
26/05/2014 Instruments of Death: The Great War: The Somme 1916
02/06/2014 Cleopatra
09/06/2014 Europe's Secret Armies: Resisting Hitler: Germany Resisting From Within
16/06/2014 Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: Pompeii
23/06/2014 Stalemate The Cold War

School Term 3

14/07/2014 Clash of Worlds - The Sudan
21/07/2014 The Industrial Revolution
28/07/2014 Kokoda
04/08/2014 Line to Fire: The Spartan Wars
11/08/2014 Japan's War in Colour
18/08/2014 The Man Who Discovered Egypt
25/08/2014 Vietnam the Two Wars: Part 1
01/09/2014 I Caesar
08/09/2014 The Buddha
15/09/2014 Search For Destiny: The Middle East

School Term 4

13/10/2014 WWI Top Gun Revealed
20/10/2014 The Civil War by Ken Burns: The Cause
27/10/2014 How Nero Saved Rome
03/11/2014 Constructing Australia: The Bridge
10/11/2014 Secrets In The Dust: Machu Picchu
17/11/2014 Ken Follett’s Journey into the Dark Ages: Great Women
24/11/2014 Battle Of The Somme
01/12/2014 Ned Kelly Uncovered
08/12/2014 The Story of Electricity
15/12/2014 The Epic History of Everyday Things

This content is specific to Australian Schools only.

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