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Teacher's Guides

2016 Teacher's Guides

School Term 1

01/02/2016 Convict Women & Orphan Girls: Transportation To Australia
08/02/2016 Time Team America: The Lost Pueblo Village
15/02/2016 Coast Australia: Norfolk Island
22/02/2016 Declassified: Tiananmen Square
29/02/2016 China's Forbidden City: Centre Of The World
07/03/2016 The Ancient Life: The Enduring Mystery of Easter Island
14/03/2016 Busting The Berlin Wall: The Rise
21/03/2016 Gladiators Of World War II: The ANZACS
28/03/2016 Lost Treasures Of The Ancient World: Pompeii
04/04/2016 ANZAC Battlefields: The Western Front

School Term 2

25/04/2016 Akhenaten And Nefertiti
02/05/2016 History Of Warfare: The Somme
09/05/2016 Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings - Pt. 1 Life
16/05/2016 Ancient Black Ops: The Spartans
23/05/2016 America Before Columbus - Part 1
30/05/2016 14 Diaries of the Great War - Home Front
06/06/2016 Untold History of the US - Bush and Obama
13/06/2016 Lost Treasures of the Ancient World - India
20/06/2016 America Before Columbus - Part 2
27/06/2016 Byzantium: A Tales of Three Cities - From Byzantium to Constantinople

School Term 3

18/07/2016 Soviet Storm: The Battle of Kursk
25/07/2016 Battleground: The Art Of War - Alexander The Great
01/08/2016 Warriors: Shogun
08/08/2016 The World at War: Inside The Reich
15/08/2016 A Tale of Three Cities: Part 2
22/08/2016 The Dark Ages: An Age Of Light
29/08/2016 Holy War: Turks At The Gates Of Vienna

This content is specific to Australian Schools only.

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