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November 30, 1886

Folies Bergère Stages First Revue

Once a hall for operettas, pantomime, and political meetings, Les Folies Bergère in Paris introduces an elaborate revue featuring women in sensational costumes. The highly popular "Place aux Jeunes" established the Folies as the premier nightspot in Paris. In the 1890s, the Folies followed the Paris...

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November 30, 2005

First Human Face Transplant

"On this day in 2005, top French maxillofacial surgeon Bernard Devauchelle, with the assistance of Jean-Michel Dubernard, performed the world's first ever partial face transplant (on a living human at least, as tests had earlier been carried out on cadavers in morgues). The transplant took...

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November 30, 1630

16,000 Venetians Die of Plague This Month

"On this month in 1630, 16,000 inhabitants of Venice died of the Italian Plague. The Italian Plague of 1629-1631 was one of the last outbreaks of the centuries-long pandemic of bubonic plague, which peaked in Europe around 1350 with the Black Death. Historians believe French and German t...

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