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February 02, 1943

Battle of Stalingrad ends

On this day, the last German troops in Stalingrad surrender to the Red Army, ending one of the pivotal battles of World War II. In August 1942, the German Sixth Army made advances across the Volga River while Nazi air divisions pounded the Russian city of Stalingrad to rubble. German General Friedri...

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February 02, 1892

Longest Modern Boxing Match

On this day in 1892, a boxing match took place that will go down as one of the longest and most brutal in history. Fighting for the Missouri Lightweight Championship, the two fighters, Harry Sharpe and Frank Crosby, went head to head for 77 rounds, the bout lasting an unprecedented total of five hou...

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February 02, 1870

Cardiff Giant Hoax Revealed

On this day in 1870, the Cardiff Giant, billed as an enormous petrified man, was revealed as a hoax. This pretend relic was produced by a Mr George Hall, a tobacconist from Binghamton, New York. He had acquired a big block of gypsum from a quarry in the Fort Dodge area of Iowa—telling the miners tha...

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February 02, 1925

Great Race of Mercy

After five-and-a-half days and 1000 kilometres of breakneck-speed dog sledding in subzero temperatures, a team of exhausted sled dogs carrying vials of life-saving diphtheria serum and their frostbitten musher reach Nome, Alaska, on this day in 1925. The heroic journey saved hundreds of lives in the...

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