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October 31, 1956

Canal Crisis Escalates

On October 31, 1956, Britain and France bomb Egypt in retaliation for the barring of their ships from the Suez Canal. The attack came two days after Israel invaded Egypt, seizing the Gaza Strip and driving through the Sinai to the canal. After joining Israel in the hostilities, Britain and France de...

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October 31, 1803

"First" Gangster Film Released

"On this day in 1912, D.W. Griffith’s The Musketeers of Pig Alley was released, a film considered by many to be the first gangster film. Despite a running time of only 17 minutes, the film is packed with action, including dramatic plot twists and even a close range shootout. The Musketeer...

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October 31, 0

Halloween Is Celebrated

"On this day in history some 2,000-plus years ago, the holiday today known as Halloween originated as a New Year’s Eve celebration among the Celtic peoples of Europe. The Halloween we celebrate today is a mix of ancient Celtic traditions, Catholic and Roman rituals, and European folk pra...

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