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September 02, 1945

Japan Surrenders

On September 2, 1945, aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, World War II officially ends when Japanese officials surrender on behalf of their country. A mass of news correspondents jammed the decks along with officers from all the participating Allied countries. American General Douglas MacArthur pr...

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September 02, 1898

Mahdists Defeated at the Battle of Omdurman

On this day in 1898 near Omdurman, Sudan, the formidable Madhist army led by the Khalifa Abdullah Ibn-Mohammed was forcefully defeated by British, Egyptian, and Sudanese troops led by Sir Horatio Herbert Kitchener. Inspired by revenge for the beheading of a British general, the victors unleashed the...

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September 02, 1969

The Internet Took Its First Breath

On 2 September 1969, on a refrigerator-sized mainframe computer in a third-floor storage space at UCLA, the internet took its first breath. The US government was funding scientific research in global computer communications through the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Pro...

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