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November 29, 1929

Byrd Flies Over South Pole

American explorer Richard E. Byrd and three companions make the first ever flight over the South Pole. Byrd first won international attention in 1926, when he flew within 150 miles of the North Pole. In 1929, he led a large and well-equipped expedition to Antarctica, setting up a base camp called "L...

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November 29, 1803

Doppler Is Born, His Effect Soon Discovered

"On this day in 1803, Christian Doppler, who discovered what became known as the Doppler Effect, was born in Salzburg, Austria. Doppler was the son of a stonemason, who went on to become a celebrated academic and scientist. After young Christian completed school, he studied astronomy and...

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November 29, 1890

Meiji Constitution Goes Into Effect

"On this day in 1890, the Meiji Constitution went into effect in Japan and the first Diet convened. It remained the organic law of the Japanese empire for almost 60 years after its implementation. Prior to the Meiji Constitution, Japan had no written constitution. In the 6th century it ado...

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