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July 23, 1952

Military seizes power in Egypt

In Egypt, the Society of Free Officers seizes control of the government in a military coup d'etat. King Faruk, whose rule had been criticized for its corruption and failures in the first Arab-Israeli war, was forced to abdicate and give up power to General Muhammad Naguib, leader of the coup. The re...

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July 23, 2005

Upside Down Lakes Discovered

On 23 July 2005, University of Washington oceanographer Deborah Kelley and Rhode Island University professor Robert Ballard led an expedition into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, discovering enormous underwater structures dubbed the Lost City. The expedition was rooted in a 2000 study by Kell...

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July 23, 776

First Olympic Games Open

On this day in 776 BCE, the first Olympic games opened in Olympia, Greece. Staged in the open plains of Olympia, the first Olympic games were designed as a set of athletic contests to honour the Greek god Zeus and other Greek deities. The games were also a political tool of sorts, an opportu...

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