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July 04, 1776

United States declares independence

After a decade of economic conflict with Great Britain, the 13 colonies answer King George III's flat refusal of political reform with a call for revolution. On July 4, 1776, more than 14 months after the first volleys of the war were fired at Lexington, the Second Continental Congress adopts the De...

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July 04, 1971

Koko the Gorilla Born, Learns Sign Language

On this day in 1971, Koko the sign-language gorilla was born. The day also commemorates the United States of America's Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on 4 July 1776. Independence Day is often celebrated in the US with spectacular fireworks displays, and Koko's name is actually a...

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July 04, 2002

Elephant Gets Dental Caps on Tusks

After a 3.5 hour operation in which dentists fitted a pachyderm's tusks with 50-centimetre-long stainless steel dental caps, elephant Spike broke the world record for largest dental caps on this day in 2002. It all started when the 20-year-old, 5,443-kilogram Asian elephant was engaged in...

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