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March 02, 1972

Pioneer 10 launched to Jupiter

Pioneer 10, the world's first outer-planetary probe, is launched from the United States on a mission to Jupiter. In December 1973, after successfully negotiating a distance of 620 million miles and the asteroid belt, Pioneer 10 reached Jupiter and sent back the first close-up images of the spectacul...

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March 02, 1815

Sri Lanka Absorbed Into British Empire

On this day in 1815, the historic Kandyan Convention was signed. It brought to an end the reign of Kandyan King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, and simultaneously ended the Kandyan dynasty, which had ruled parts of Sri Lanka since the 15th century. It consolidated the position of the British colonial forces...

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March 02, 1962

Burma Coup D'Etat

On this day in 1962, Burmese General Ne Win led a military coup d’etat in Burma, abolishing that nation’s constitution and democratic government and establishing military rule. Between 1948 and 1962, Burma enjoyed a democratic, parliamentary government. Nonetheless, it was plagued by widespr...

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