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  1. H100 - We Remember

    H100 - We Remember

    100 years ago on 4 August 1914, Britain declared war on the central powers of Europe sending Australia & NZ to war for the first time. Join HISTORY in an unprecedented commemoration of the Centenary of WWI as we present a range of exclusive programmes and an immersive digital experience. Find out more now at

  2. HISTORY in August

    HISTORY in August

    Don't miss the mini-series event The World Wars. The series will take you on an epic and ground-breaking ride through the bloodiest century in history. Historian David Reynolds throws a new light on Richard Nixon and his obsessive secrecy with the help of rarely seen footage and photos in Nixon in the Den. Plus Samurai Headhunters reveal the unknown dark side of the Samurai.

  3. The Assassination That Triggered World War 1

    The Assassination That Triggered World War 1

    The 1914 assassination of Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand sparked what became World War I.

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