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  1. History in June

    History in June

    Uncover massive social and political change, international conflict, rebellion and resistance during one of the most turbulent periods in history this Medieval Month. Discover the ascent of a brutal terror group on The Rise of ISIS. Plus learn about how the quest for the American Dream turned deadly on Dead of Winter: The Donner Party.

  2. The Crusades

    The Crusades

    Bloody and brutal, the Crusades were meant to be the religious wars to end all others. Except they didn’t, and in modern times, their history has been hijacked by politics and religious fervour, with both Muslim and Western world’s misunderstanding the truth. Historian Dr Thomas Asbridge is on a mission to find out what really happened eight centuries ago.

  3. Viking Women

    Viking Women

    The Vikings changed Europe forever, yet half of them have almost completely disappeared from collective memory: the women. Quite unjustly so too, as they played an important role in the world of the Vikings and performed extraordinary deeds, including commanding ships and settlling colonies.

  4. Only The Dead

    Only The Dead

    What happens when one of the most feared, most hated terrorists on the planet chooses you—personally—to reveal his arrival on the global stage? All in the midst of the American war in Iraq? This is what happens to Michael Ware, a hard-drinking, hard-running, maverick Australian reporting for American news outlets.

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