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  1. Whitlam: The Power and the Passion

    Whitlam: The Power and the Passion

    In honor of former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam, HISTORY will be airing "Whiltlam: The Power and The Passion", a powerful documentary series examining the man who helped reform the nation's economic and cultural affairs.

  2. WIN a Sony Bravia TV!

    WIN a Sony Bravia TV!

    To celebrate the release of Fury, the new WWII film starring Brad Pitt, we are giving you the chance to WIN a Sony Bravia TV and double in-season pass to see Fury.

  3. The Indian Expeditionary Force Arrived

    The Indian Expeditionary Force Arrived

    20 October 1914 - The First Battle of Ypres was the first time the Indian Expeditionary Force had gone into action in World War 1 and at La Bassee they were part of a combined force alongside troops from the United Kingdom and France. Find out more on

  4. HISTORY in October

    HISTORY in October

    From ancient times to WW2, Bloody Tales of Europe seeks out Europe's most grisly history to discover truth behind some of history's infamous tales. The compelling documentary Isaac Newton: The Last Magician sets out to reveal the darker side of the man who laid the foundations of modern science. Plus watch the story of Life In The War unfold, told by those who were there.

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